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The Driving Theory Test Procedure

The theory test is carried out at dedicated centres, which are normally found in main towns and cities. To book your theory test, you should contact the DSA on 0300 200 1122. You will need your driving licence number and a form of payment. More information can be found on DVSA website.

The theory test consists of 2 parts. The theory test, which is multiple choice and the hazard perception test (hpt).

You are allocated 57 minutes to take your theory test and will be asked 50 questions, of which you will need to answer 43 correctly.

Included in the test will be questions on:

  • the highway code
  • first aid
  • maintenance of your vehicle
  • and the laws of the road.
  • Theory test problems:

If you are unsure of any answers, the question can be flagged and you will be able to return to these questions at the end of the theory test, provided you do not go over your allocated time. The time remaining for your theory test will be shown on the screen.

Hazard Perception Test

Once you have completed this part of the theory test, you will then take the hazard perception. This consists of 14 video clips and you will be asked to identify a developing hazard by clicking on the mouse (not necessarily pointing at the hazard). There are 15 hazards in total with one clip showing 2 hazards. Each hazard is scored between 5 and 1. The earlier you identify a developing hazard, the greater your score will be. You will need to score a minimum of 44 out of the 75 points available. More information can be found on  the DVSA website

You will need to pass both the theory and hazard perception tests at the same time. You will be issued with a pass certificate which is valid for 2 calendar years.

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